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New favorable roaming fees offered by Telekom

Budapest, April 29, 2016 16:00

From April 30, Telekom introduces new roaming fees, available for domestic subscriptions or prepaid cards, that make phone calls 1 within the EU less costly.

From April 30, 2016, Telekom aligns the roaming fees charged to residential and business customers for calls within the EU zone­ 2 with their domestic tariff packages, thus the roaming fee charged to customers shall consist of a domestic minute fee and a so-called EU roaming extra charge. Furthermore, minutes usable for calls included in the domestic basic tariff package shall become available for residential customers for calls normally charged at a basic rate initiated from the EU zone and terminated in Hungary. Customers do not have to do anything to make use of the proposition, the new fees are applied automatically, as soon as the customer enters the territory of an other country within the EU zone 2 .

For data traffic within the EU, it is still necessary to choose a roaming data tariff package. Telekom customers can opt for the traffic-based roaming data tariff package (World GPRS Limit), the monthly fee of which significantly decreases from April 30, too, or pick any of the service provider’s roaming data tariff packages. Residential and business customers are offered favorable roaming packages, like Travel & Surf, as well as the EU Plusz option available for certain residential packages.For the Next XL and Next XL golden secondary card packages, the free-of-charge EU Plusz option offers free-of-charge roaming calls and messages terminated in Hungary or within the EU 1 , wherever the customer happens to be at the time.

For small and medium enterprises, Telekom introduced new tariff packages from April 01, 2016 under the name of Next Business Comfort. Customers who choose one of these subscriptions can use the minutes and data volume available as part of their tariff package with no extra charge within Hungary or the EU, while those subscribing to the „M“ package can make calls and send SMS messages within Hungary, from EU countries to Hungary or within the specific country without restriction.

Telekom’s new roaming propositions are in line with the modified EU roaming policy in effect from April 30, 2016.

Further Information:

Telekom’s residential customers should click on, while small and medium enterprises should go to to read more about the roaming fees.