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Telekom’s home portfolio renewed: wide choice of devices for interest free installments at a discount price, mobile devices can be chosen together with fixed line services

Budapest, October 20, 2017 16:00

Telekom introduces the new home product portfolio from October 20. The new plans will offer a single price for each fee package. Upon choosing a 24-month loyalty period handsets can be purchased with discount thus from now on customers may choose a mobile device together with the fixed line service. The new home portfolio is fully compliant with the legal requirements taking effect on October 24.

On October 20, 2017 Telekom renews the residential fixed line home portfolio. The new portfolio will replace earlier 12 and 24 months loyalty plans with a single price. Upon choosing the new 12 definite term contract customers will receive a fixed monthly fee discount for the first 3 months - the amount of which is different for each package respectively.

In accordance with the new legislation 24 months definite term contracts are only offered together with purchasing a handset in which case the device is offered at a discount price. The new portfolio offers more freedom of choice to customers by offering mobile devices together with home services. Naturally, devices can also be purchased with an indefinite term or a 12-month definite term contract, too but in such cases the handset discount is not applicable. 

Names of home products remain unchanged:
- Voice products: Alap, Hoppá, Hoppá Plusz
-  Internet products: Otthoni Internet Start/50/100/250/1000
- TV products: IPTV Alap/Szuper Családi HD, Sat TV Alap/Szuper Családi HD

Telekom discounts remain in place. In the case of using two home services 20% discount, in the case of using three home services 25% discount is given to customers from the monthly fee of home services and the related mobile fee packages.

The sale of the former fee package portfolio closed on October 19. The above changes do not have any impact on existing subscriptions and customers may naturally continue to use the services under unchanged conditions until the end of the contracted loyalty period. Upon expiry of the loyalty period customers may decide whether they wish to renew the loyalty - in accordance with the new provisions of law - or continue the use of services with an indefinite term contract. If no new loyalty period is undertaken the monthly fee does not increase and will not be higher than during the fixed term contract.

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