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Telekom introduces the highest, 2 Gbit/s speed home internet package of the market

Budapest, October 31, 2017 12:00

Telekom is the first among Hungarian service providers to offer the highest speed internet package currently available in the market: from November 1, in areas covered with the optical network a 2000 Mbit/s (=2Gbit/s) speed home internet package is offered to customers that - in the case of the simultaneous connection of multiple devices within the family - doubles the bandwidth so far available at Telekom.

The company introduced its 1000 Mbit/s speed home internet package last November that was unexpectedly successful in the first year and the majority of customers in areas covered with of the optical network opted for this speed within their package. This proves that there is a target group for which the gigabit speed internet connection is an important factor when choosing their plan. The reason might be that some years ago normally only one or two devices were connected to the internet in each household but now there is an “army of robots” comprised from computers, tablets, smart phones and other devices that simultaneously share the available bandwidth at homes. With the spread of smart devices and their use at homes bandwidth is becoming an increasingly important factor. The 2 Gigabit offer is the biggest home package available in Hungary and ensures that families do not have to choose between online gaming, working in the cloud and watching movies online in HD quality, they can do all simultaneously.

In recent years Magyar Telekom invested significant funds to develop its fixed line network. Besides making the broadband home services available in an increasing number of locations the applied technologies bring about unstoppably increasing speed, too. In the spring of 2015 the company started intensive network development efforts from its own resources thanks to which now more than 2,9 million households can use Telekom’s at least high-speed broadband network. Within this, more than 760 thousand households can use the gigabit speed optical network and from November the 2000 Mbit/s “Home Internet 2000” package will be available for them*.

For the purpose of using the gigabit speed and as part of the package Telekom provides a gigabit Wi-Fi router that uses the currently highest speed technology. The 2000 Mbit/s download speed can be reached with the simultaneous connection of multiple devices (e.g. notebook, tablet, smartphone). Especially the upload speed will increase significantly as the package contains an upgrade to 500 Mbit/s.

The package, together with two other home services, can be ordered for 11,631 HUF for an indefinite period. With undertaking one year loyalty one can use the promotional monthly fee discount and with undertaking two years loyalty and purchasing device(s) the discount is applicable to mobile devices, too. The package can be part of the Magenta 1 system of discounts.

After November 1, for further details, please visit

*In the case of the Home Internet 2000 fee package the offered download speed is 2000 Mbit/s, while the upload speed is 500 Mbit/s. The guaranteed download speed is 300 Mbit/s and the guaranteed upload speed 50 Mbit/s. The maximum download speed can be reached with the simultaneous use of multiple devices.