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Momentum for the start of the year: 6 GB extra mobile net for Telekom SMB customers for their digital visions

Budapest, January 11, 2022 12:00

Just as in private life, New Year's resolutions come to the front during the first days of the year in business life as well: Telekom now helps businesses implement their New Year's resolutions and achieve their digital goals with free extra mobile internet.

The average monthly mobile data usage of Telekom's SMB customers in 2021 shows an increase of 44% compared to the previous year: as the external environment changed, businesses increasingly recognized the benefits of using digital solutions, which ensured business continuity for many. Recent data show that nearly 90% of Telekom's SMB customers have a data plan of at least 1 GB, and the number of Telekom's small and medium-sized business customers with more than 1 GB mobile net traffic generated, increased by 12% last year. In our experience, the use of applications related to cloud-, video conferencing-, and office systems has grown the most in 2021 among small and medium-sized businesses.

Increased data usage is also linked to consumer expectations: it is increasingly a basic requirement for a business to be actively present in the digital space, so digital visions - and new year’s resolutions - still have a raison d'être.

From a research, conducted on behalf of Telekom by NRC Research Enterprises on the Internet, titled ” Enterprises on the Internet”*, it is clear that customers will appreciate online booking if they can anticipate and plan with prices, if their opinion is considered relevant, and if they get an answer to their questions online within an hour. The digital readiness of businesses has become an expectation on the part of consumers, and can be a prerequisite for lasting success: as the above mentioned research shows, customers, consumers expect the option of online access, and their majority insist on having it, even when personal contacts are not hindered by various restrictions.

Telekom's goal is to support its SME customers in achieving their digital goals with extra mobile internet, taking into account the increased annual business data usage and helping businesses to adapt to consumer needs. Thus, from January 15, 2022, for one month, the company will provide a free 6 GB mobile data volume to all SME users using its business mobile services, for further digital development of their business. The extra mobile internet can facilitate the realization of any digital development or plan, be it a new webshop or a more conscious online presence, or hybrid work or time management, anything that can make the operation of a business more efficient and better in 2022. And since business knows no borders, the amount of free data can be used not only in Hungary but also in the EU member states. Details of the offer can be found here:

Using the free 6 GB mobile net volume requires an active business mobile internet service, while an active roaming service is needed for use within the EU.

The relevant customers have nothing to do in connection with using the discount: Telekom notifies them via SMS of the availability of the data volume and automatically activates the access. In practice, this means that during the offer period, from 15 January to 13 February 2022, customer data usage will first deplete the 6 GB free volume - both at home and in the EU - and only after it has run out, will it switch over to the data balance included in the subscription. The mobile internet balance can be checked in the Telekom application as usual.

Telekom considers it a priority objective to support the digital advancement of businesses, so we want to help them operate even more efficiently using digital tools and opportunities. With our offer, we want to support the realization of the ideas of our business customers, giving a boost to the further digital developments of companies by giving them extra volumes of mobile data free of charge. - said István Iski, head of Telekom's SoHo-SMB Experience Unit.


* The 800-person survey, which is representative of Hungarian Internet users by age, education and type of residence, surveyed people aged 18-65 using an online questionnaire.