Wholesale broadband bitstream access services over copper network (WS xDSL)

Magyar Telekom’s Wholesale  broadband bitstream access  over copper network (xDSL) service family is a broadband access service developed for fast internet access, based on Magyar Telekom’s xDSL access and ATM, Ethernet and IP network technology. The service can be used without disturbance to the telephone service operating on the same subscriber line.

Strengths of the service family

  • cost-efficient broadband technology
  • choice of bandwidths: 1 Mbps – 25 Mbps download rate
  • predictable, economic operation
  • short market entry time: telecommunications background is provided by Magyar Telekom
  • wide continuously growing geographical coverage
  • possibility of settlement based on usage (volume)

This service is offered to partner providers who want to sell the service to their subscribers under an own brand name in combination with own products.

Service family members

  • xDSL Partner Provider access package: in addition to the xDSL access it includes the charge per xDSL subscriber of transporting traffic between the xDSL traffic concentration center and the partner provider’s premises in Budapest.
  • xDSL IP Connect access package: in addition to the xDSL access it transports the internet traffic of xDSL subscribers via Magyar Telekom’s network to the national and international traffic exchange or the partner provider’s IP network, depending on the traffic direction.

From September 3, 2009 Magyar Telekom introduced a new bandwidth portfolio with new, higher bandwidth parameters. Beside the new portfolio, the products of the previous portfolio live on as well. The bandwidth parameters of the products are presented in the table below:

Bandwidth portfolio
  Rate (Kbps) Upload Download
N5 package Guaranteed 192 1000
Maximum 500 5000
N10 package Guaranteed 256 3000
Maximum 500 10000
N15 package Guaranteed 512 5000
Maximum 900 15000
U1 package Guaranteed 64 160
Maximum 128 1280
U2 package Guaranteed 64 192
Maximum 192 2560
U4 package Guaranteed 96 256
Maximum 256 4480
U8 package Guaranteed 192 480
Maximum 512 8096
U18 package Guaranteed 320 960
Maximum 1024 18432
U25 package Guaranteed 1024 4096
Maximum 5120 25000

SHDSL service – broadband internet with identical upload and download rates

Magyar Telekom’s SHDSL service offers an ideal broadband internet connection primarily for SMEs carrying large data volume, operating independent server or having multiple sites.

Information about SHDSL

  • Symmetrical upload and download rates
  • Available with fixed charges independent of the data volume downloaded and the duration of connection to the internet.
  • Voice and fax communication cannot be simultaneously carried on the telephone line.
  • Data security is much higher than with conventional technologies.
  • Independent access needs to be established for the SHDSL product.
  • The product is provided in the service area enabled for SHDSL, depending on the current technical capabilities.

Bandwidths provided in the packages

Bandwidths provided in the packages
  S1 package S2 package
Rate (kbps) min max min max
Upload 512 1024 1024 2048
Download 512 1024 1024 2048

Magyar Telekom’s wholesale contractual offer for xDSL service is available among the related documents. (only in Hungarian)

For further information contact Magyar Telekom’s Wholesale Sales area.