DOLPHIN Award 2009

An award for a Committed, Sustainable, Innovative Generation Granted to the most sustainable vendors of Magyar Telekom Sustainability – harmonization and alignment of economic, social and environment protection interests 

The year-2009 Dolphin Awards were handed out in four categories, in the framework of a ceremony on the occasion of Magyar Telekom’s 10th Sustainability Roundtable.

Categories and award winners

The winner in the „Promoting equal opportunities and anti-discrimination within and outside of the company” category is Proactive Management Consulting Kft. The winner had founded an organization (Sun Flower Kft.), and has developed it into an enterprise that, by now, generates its own revenues, aimed at integrating people of disadvantageous social background into society, thus providing them employment.

The winner in the „Innovation implemented with sustainability purposes (positive change in social and environmental effects)” category is Ericsson Hungary. Their team of engineers, consisting solely of Hungarian professionals, had developed an innovative technological solution that makes it possible to build telephone exchanges without any hazardous materials, with the added benefit of potentially lower energy consumption. This innovative solution has since become general practice within Ericsson.

The winner in the „Investment and development project related to climate protection” category is Genex Enterprise and Investment Projects Zrt. This company has been the first to embark upon building a zero-emission factory in Hungary, by that, setting a precedent to be potentially followed by other companies in Hungary.

In the category of “Training and increasing awareness about sustainability”, we did not declare a winner, since no projects meeting the defined requirements had entered into competition.

A Special Award went to Cisco Hungary Kft in the „Innovation implemented with sustainability purposes (positive change in social and environmental effects)” category. In this age of ours, one of the greatest challenges facing large corporations is to decrease their operations’ carbon-dioxide emission. Telepresence (Cisco’s solution, submitted as their competitive project) responds to this challenge by a very innovative technology, thus promoting climate protection.

Members of the jury:

Péter Bodó (Conscious Customers’ Association)
Dr. Sándor Kerekes (CorvinusUniversity)
Péter Novák, performer artist
Magyar Telekom’s expert team

The award winners of this year received a piece of art made of glass by Péter Botos for the purpose of the event, as well as an invitation to Magyar Telekom’s Sustainability Day, to be held in September, where they will be able to present their achievements in the context of sustainability.

You can find the competition’s requirements under the related materials. The award-winning projects’ descriptions can be found in the hungarian site .