DOLPHIN Award 2013

An Award for a Committed, Sustainable, Innovative Generation

1.) Introduction

Magyar Telekom founded the DOLPHINAward in 2008. The award is granted, every year, to the most sustainable vendors in different categories.[1] In 2013, the award can go not only to existing vendors of the company, but any business operating in Hungary may compete for it.

The DOLPHIN Award 2013 may go to vendors that are outstandingly committed to sustainable growth, and whose sustainability performance is exemplary in the context of their business.

2.) The purpose of the award

By granting the DOLPHIN Award, Magyar Telekom wishes to increase awareness about the idea of sustainable growth, and recognize efforts made in this regard.

3.) Competitive application criteria

Only those companies can apply for the DOLPHIN Award 2013 that are registered and active in Hungary. Only those applications will be accepted that address solutions implemented in 2012. (Concepts or plans will not be accepted).

Your competitive application must include the following:

  • Filled in Application Template I
  • Filled in Application Template II, as follows:
    • Text describing the activities pursued by your organization (max. 300 words)
    • General description of your organization in the context of sustainable growth, from the aspects of society, economy and environment protection. Data of the applicant firm (listed in 5) must be presented in this part (max. 150 words).
    • Detailed description of outstanding efforts made by your organization that fall into one of the following topics (max. 1500 words):
      • Category 1: innovative actions already completed that promote sustainability (positive change in social and environmental effects)
      • Category 2: promoting equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practices within the company and externally.
      • Category 3: investments and developments aimed at climate protection
      • Category 4: training and education increasing awareness about sustainability

Competitive applications are to be compiled as materials of not more than the prescribed number of words, in English.

4. Submission of competitive applications

Applications are to be compiled in an electronic format and submitted to the following email address:

Please, state in the subject line of the email: „DOLPHIN2013”
By submitting the application, the applicant acknowledges that the application has been prepared in compliance with the application criteria, consents to the application’s publication, and states that the data included in the application are valid.
Projects that have already won the award before cannot be submitted.
Submission deadline: May 10, 2013 (Friday) 12:00

5.) Evaluation of the competitive applications

The applications shall be evaluated and ranked by the evaluation committee as follows:

Data of the applicant firm (scores):

  • Responsible corporate governance (0-5)
    What governance model is applied by the company and how does it manifest in practice, how transparent is it?
  • Ethical compliance (0-5)
    How does the company ensure compliance with requirements relevant to fair business conduct, as well as legal and ethical standards?
  • Environmental performance (0-5)
    What environmental indicators does the company apply and how does it monitor their changes, what targets does it have?
  • Environment-focused management system (0-5)
    What management system does the company apply?
  • Climate protection (0-5)
    What carbon-dioxide decreasing measures does the company take?
  • Employer practices (0-5)
    How does the company ensure antidiscrimination, equal opportunity and workplace diversity?
  • Corporate citizenship (0-5)
    How does the company, as part of the society, contribute to social goals (volunteer work, donations, etc.)?
  • Equal opportunity (0-5)
    How does the company ensure equal opportunity to its employees and customers?

Information should be provided about the company regarding all the above 8 aspects. Any aspects not addressed will automatically receive zero score from the evaluation committee. Any aspects deemed irrelevant to the company should be declared as such with a brief explanation.

Data of the topic elaborated (scores):

  • Novelty, significance of the solution compared to sector practices (0-10)
  • Social impact of the solution (0-10)
  • Economic impact of the solution (0-10)
  • Environmental impact of the solution (0-10)

In the selected topic, the solution should be described along all the above 4 aspects. Any aspects not addressed will receive zero score from the evaluation committee.

Awards are granted in the categories listed in 3.

6.) Members of the Evaluation Committee

  • György Pataki – Budapest Corvinus University, University Docent
  • Ernő Simon – freelance journalist and communication expert, former editor in chief of Figyelő
  • Péter Bodó – Association of Conscious Buyers
  • Katalin Szomolányi – Magyar Telekom, Head of the Corporate Sustainability Center

7.) Awards

Winners in the different categories receive a work of art, dedicated to the event, made by Péter Botos, glass works artist, as well as an invitation to the Magyar Telekom Sustainability Day, where they can present their achievements in sustainability. (You can read more about the Sustainability Day at (only in Hungarian)) Furthermore the award winners will be presented in the media and in the context of Fenntarthatósági Média Klub by Magyar Telekom.

8.) Award ceremony

The DOLPHIN Awards are handed out at the award ceremony to be held as part of Magyar Telekom’s Sustainability Roundtable Discussion at the beginning of June 2013 . The exact date and venue of the event will be determined later.

Please, address your questions to Áron Benedek (!