ICT for Sustainability

While performing its activities Magyar Telekom not only bears responsibility for its operation and the environmental, social and economic impacts, but also takes advantage of the possibilities inherent in sustainability. Info-communication technology (ICT) helps to develop and offer products and services that contribute to sustainable growth.
On the one hand, through the services it offers, ICT is capable of reducing greenhouse gas emissions (through the replacement of travels, dematerialization).
On the other hand, access to info-communication technologies helps to close the economic gap of backward areas. Through providing free access to information and expanding educational possibilities, ICT enhances the overall well-being of the population and facilitates quick and efficient coordination in emergencies in order to avoid or mitigate damage.

In addition to offering the products and services below, Magyar Telekom makes significant efforts at innovation, which encompass sustainability-related tests and pilots. You can read more about these innovative efforts and tests, if you click on the related contents.

VitaDock products– innovative iPhone health accessories

ict_vitadock_171x99VitaDock products are health accessories that connect to your iPhone, iPod or iPad. You can make measurements by the VitaDock ® App application, which is freely available from AppStore. Measured values are stored by the application.

VideoGate video conference exchange service for subscribers

ict_videogate_171x99The VideoGate service enables its users to conduct video conference calls beyond the boundaries of their own networks, and independent of geographical location. For this, the participants must have a video conference device each. The exchange equipment needed for building up the conference calls are provided as part of the service, thus customers do not need to spend on investing into their own infrastructures.

Invoice insurance

ict_szamlabiztositasA new element of the Security Program established by Magyar Telekom is Invoice Insurance, which is based on the principle that the Insured, who is to have a subscription for Magyar Telekom’s fixed-line or mobile phone service in effect, does not have to give up the services provided by Magyar Telekom even if he/she loses his/her job or becomes incapacitated to earn an income, as the Insurer pays a flat amount out of his/her invoices covered by the policy for a set period of time. The insurance service is provided by Magyar Telekom’s contractual partner, UNION Insurance Company.

PraxisPlatform patient education and therapy management system

ict_praxisPlatformPraxisPlatform is an innovative telecommunication system of Magyar Telekom that brings closer to each other the three most important actors of healthcare: the patient who wishes to recover, the doctor who wishes to cure the patient and the pharmacist who is in regular contact with the patient.

MasterCard Mobile mobile payment application

ict_MasterCardMobileInitially, MasterCard Mobile provides payment services in three areas: mobile phone balance top-up, settling invoices issued by certain providers in a very comfortable and fast manner, and paying via the internet. After registration, the customer does not have to provide his/her card data at each and every transaction, which does not only make mobile payment quicker and more comfortable, but also eases the mind of many users.

Pediatrics Line healthcare information service

ict_gyermekdoktorIn the framework of this electronic information service, offered to our subscribers and their relatives, specialist physicians stand-by round-the-clock to provide advice regarding health issues of children and their families, diseases, alimentation and prevention practices.

TelePresence Conference

ICT_fenntart_tele_presenc_konferenciaTelepresence is a new generation video-conferencing solution. Due to the high definition technology, the spatial sound and the design of the meeting room participants have the feeling they are sitting at the same table. Partners sitting on the other side can be seen in life-size, one can have eye-contact with them, and observe their meta-communication signals, facial expressions and tone of voice.

Hosting (data park) services

ICT_fenntart_hostingIn the area of hosting, as in other IT segments, rapid development can be observed. Magyar Telekom’s business brand, T-Systems, which is a leading provider of hosting and collocation services in the Hungarian market, pays special attention to expanding the portfolio of its services. As a result of this effort the DataPark in Szeged has opened, where T-Systems’ hosting-type services are also available.

Blackberry Enterprise

ICT_fenntart_blackberry_enterpriseBlackBerry – Office in Your Pocket. BlackBerry provides a single access to all the communication channels that are indispensable for business life. Through the built-in telephone, SMS and browsing applications coupled with an organizing function the equipment makes all data easy to manage, and cooperation and communication become more efficient. BlackBerry is a service offered by Telekom.


ICT_fenntart_e-beszerzesWe offer two solutions with T-Systems Marketline e-procurement services: our partners can use the e-auction procurement and the integrated procurement and vendor solutions.


ICT_fenntart_tavszamlaAs a registered user you can receive bills for the services delivered by vendors in the form of an electronic and authenticated bill. With just a few clicks you can settle the billed amount in a safe environment either via the Internet or in the traditional manner, through a bank transfer or collection from the bank account. Paper bills do not accumulate in your drawer, as the electronic bills can be stored on your own computer.


ict_mobilinternetUsing the mobile internet (HSDPA/3G/EDGE/GPRS) services, our customers can access the worldwide web from any location in Hungary, or even abroad. By providing this service, we contribute to increasing the internet penetration in Hungary and establishing the information society. Mobile internet enables telework and part-time jobs. Details

Mobile Purchase

ICT_fenntart_autopalyaMobile purchase is a new cashless payment service that allows you to save the time and effort of exchanging money, often needed in case of cash transactions.

Mobile Payment

ICT_mobilfizetesMobile payment is a unique, new service, using which you can use your mobile phone, which you always have with you anyway, to make payments. Payment is debited to the Mobile Payment bank account balance, or its optional credit budget.

Mobile Code for web

ICT_mobilkodMobile codes (QR code, Datamatrix) are two-dimensional bar codes that can contain URLs (e.g. www.telekom.hu/mobil), phone numbers, business cards, texts or pictures.


compleo_miniT-Systems offers small and medium-sized enterprises a complete office communicationsinfrastructure that consists of modern IT and telecommunications tools, everything from asingle provider.

Discount prepaid tariff packages for the visually and hearing impaired

We have designed special prepaid tariff packages, offering very low-price for SMS messages sent within our network, for those deaf or hearing impaired customers of ours who submit the necessary documentation certifying their handicap.

Virtualoso services

Virtualoso_meeting_175x103T-Systems’ new IT services, useful both at home and in the office, are now available for small and medium enterprises under the name “Virtualoso”. The Virtualoso offer includes services accessible through the internet for favorable monthly fees, without any investments required from the user.

Mobile phone for the elderly

emporia-talkpremium_90x103.jpgThe emporiaTALK premium mobile phone’s features are designed to meet the demand and life style of the elder generations.