Certificate of eligibility for our residential fleet customers

As a Telekom residential fleet customer, you have to present certificate of eligibility in the following cases:

  • When you buy a new mobile subscription with a fleet package
  • When you switch to a fleet fee package from another fee package with your existing Telekom subscription, e.g. from a public residential or business fee package

Important! The document is only valid if it is no more than 30 days old and has the stamp of the organisation issuing the certificate, as well as the contact details and signature of the person who issued it. This is checked by our colleagues.

How to use the pdf?

  • You can enter your data electronically before printing, then upon printing, the certificate can be stamped and signed (the stamp and signatures cannot be filled in advance)
  • You can also print it out without filling it in, in which case you have to enter the data manually, and then authenticate it with your stamp and signatures

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